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Help Files:

Introduction to the Service


These help pages are designed to offer more information about this tool and aims to make it possible for the user to make greater use of this tool when looking at the GB power markets. To make the most of each chart a separate help section has been provided for each chart and when using the tool the help button will open the help page most relevant to the page being viewed.

To help you find out more about each chart this help guide includes detailed help guides for each chart in the service and a downloadable version of the help guide can be found at the end of the following link.

Time Periods

The tool allows for the analysis of the markets since the start of 2014 with the ability to drill down over this period to a half-hourly resolution. Where possible time periods will be kept consistent across all charts and can be selected using the dropdown or when using certain charts by using the chart itself to navigate.

For these charts Internet Explorer users can navigate by dragging over an area on the chart and then resetting the zoom when a larger resolution is of interest. Other browsers will allow the user to scroll through the period having selected a time period of the correct length.


Note that you can now customise the clients to rename sections or charts, change chart or section description and hide whole sections or charts from view. To change whole sections go to the Introduction page and right click on a section description. This will offer the choices of 'Replace Description', 'Rename Section' or 'Hide Entire Section'. To undo changes click the 'Restore Default Configuration' option that appears top right after making changes.

To make the same changes for individual charts go to the chart introduction pages and then the process works in a very similar manner. The ability to rename and change the description of charts will be particularly useful on the customisable screens.

Internet Explorer

Unfortunately Internet Explorer has reduced levels of functionality that affect the usability of some of the more advanced features used in this tool. Where such functionality does not exist a separate set of code has been created to allow Internet Explorers to get the most out of the tool. However, there may be a value in using the tool via Firefox or Chrome browsers.

When using old versions of Internet Explorer (prior to Internet Explorer 9) or older Firefox or Chrome browsers the performance of the tool will not be as good against using the latest version. Over time browsers have become faster and better able to handle internet application and so have become better adapted to be used for this tool.

More About EnAppSys

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